Success factor requirements management in IT projects

Requirements management is a part of requirements engineering. This, in turn, is an almost indispensable part of managing complex IT projects in which subtasks are performed by different teams in sometimes different companies. Somehow it must be possible to ensure that all stakeholders have the same goal in mind, can guarantee the same implementation and define a common quality standard. Requirements management comes into play for this task.


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What is requirements management?

According to a rather interesting 2015 study by Standish Group International in the form of the “Chaos Report 2015.” This shows that more than half, in this case exactly 56 percent, of the IT projects examined no longer contained any requirements from the start phase in the final product. With such significant deviations, problems can quickly arise if, for example, schedules or budgets are not met as planned.

To prevent this and complete the project according to the agreed specifications, requirements management is essential. Requirements management itself consists of various components that are managed autonomously by different teams. This includes fields such as support, test management (if the project involves testing), process management, change management, and technical writing. Other fields may be included, depending on the needs of the project, but the basis is always present in Requirements Management.

Support, for example, ensures that all users can use the requirements management tool efficiently and that the data it contains is checked and consistent, while process management ensures coordination processes, ensures that processes are monitored, and prepares and conducts coordination rounds – this is essential so that change management also takes effect and documents changes in a recourse-proof and consistent manner (traceability).

requirements management
Changes in the ongoing project are common – only rarely do requirements remain the same until the project is completed. To ensure that these changes nevertheless lead to a successful product, a major project needs strong requirements management

The requirements management of the Cognizant Mobility

Companies can take on different tasks in requirements engineering. In the automotive sector, clients require experienced partners in the achievement of recourse goals, a fully comprehensive realization of technical writing, support in requirements development and – ideally – a continuous increase in requirements quality in order to also develop a high-quality product.

In the automotive industry, Cognizant Mobility, the parent company of Mobility Rockstars, is an experienced requirements management partner that has successfully served and continues to serve many different OEMs. Whether the aforementioned areas of requirements management, whether conceptual design for rollouts of requirements management tools to specialist departments or the migration of specifications, department-specific training and development of upcoming processes, Cognizant Mobility has the necessary know-how to successfully support large IT projects thanks to dedicated and excellently trained specialists. After all, Cognizant Mobility has been a reliable requirements engineering partner for 15 years.

If you also have a large IT project and need stable, qualitative and efficient requirements management, feel free to contact us and we will talk without obligation.