Scrum doesn’t work? A retrospective that deserves its name

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Mobility Rockstars in a Nutshell

Automotive Testing

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What is supposed to work tomorrow must be tested today. In automotive testing, test cases, automation and development are playing an increasingly important role. We show you the most exciting articles on the subject: The best thing to do is test right away!

Cloud IT

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Networked applications from security to process mapping - Cognizant Mobility is the power player to get you into the cloud.

Data Science

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From Artificial Intelligence to Big Data, from Machine Learning to Neural Networks: Our Data Science team deals with the state-of-the-art solutions of today - and tomorrow!

Embedded Systems

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We explain what embedded systems are and what they do in the automotive sector. Here you will find a selection of exciting articles from our embedded systems portfolio from Ultrawideband to High Performance Computing.