Working students in Cloud IT – An insight into the operations of Cognizant Mobility

Life as a student is not always easy. Not everyone gets Bafög (which actually stands for "Bundesausbildungsforderungsgesetz", but usually refers to the actual funding), and even if you do, it's not always enough to live on. Mini-jobs and part-time jobs are also not available in every location, and have little to do with the profession being studied for. So getting involved as a working student in a company that is active in the field you want to work in later on very often makes sense - this way you can gain experience and earn some money at the same time, and you often find your future employer already.

If you want to join Cognizant Mobility as a working student in cloud IT, you will first face some questions, some of which this article aims to answer. To that end, we talked to two of our working students, Amelie and Nelson, and today we're giving you a little insight into how working students are welcomed into our company, what they do, and what that can mean for their - and your - future.

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Become a Cloud IT working student – this is how you get started

Amelie and Nelson are working students in the Cloud IT department of Cognizant Mobility, the main company also behind Mobility Rockstars and this blog. Since April 2021 (Amelie) and May 2021 (Nelson) respectively, the two have taken up their positions as Java developers and have therefore already been able to gain a few months of experience, which they share with us – and above all with you – in this article.

Majoring in computer science and business informatics, respectively, introduced both of them early on to the topics in which they work today, and thus Amelie and Nelson were also able to join Cognizant Mobility’s MDR project directly. If you are interested in what exactly this is, you are welcome to read this article, where we explain it in more detail.

Of course, we were also interested in why Amelie and Nelson chose their computer science majors in the first place. Amelie chose the path via the Berufsoberschule (BOS) after gaining initial experience in professional life, while for Nelson there had already been a great interest in computer science since at least the tenth grade, so that in the end he only had to decide which languages he wanted to work with and whether development or programming should become his specialization.

As a result, they both came to a strong consensus with Cognizant Mobility quite quickly thematically – the company’s good reputation, acquaintances who worked in the same field, and the good impression made during the application process ultimately led to both Nelson and Amelie quickly deciding to work for us. In this way, both can gain experience – and, of course, also earn a little extra.

The application process as a Cloud IT working student

After Amelie and Nelson sent their applications to our HR department, they were invited for an interview in a timely manner. Not only were the classic qualifications determined, but there would be early joint evaluations of where interests and knowledge levels lie, what Amelie and Nelson would like to do, where they would like to develop, and which Cognizant Mobility projects would not only interest them, but also advance them professionally.

Nelson joined Cognizant Mobility’s Cloud IT department as a working student in early 2021 and is integrated in the Mobile Data Recorder project.

Nelson told us that he was definitely nervous at the beginning – understandable, after all, you’re taking an important step toward professional development. However, our HR department was able to quickly take away his nervousness. The interviews are uncomplicated and friendly, without pressure and with a lot of self-decision-making on the part of the working students. Therefore, both of them were happy about the very direct acceptance and could thus start their new job in the Cloud IT department on the Mobile Data Recorder project.

Cloud IT Working Students – The Mentoring Program and Equipment

When you join Cognizant Mobility, our sponsorship program also comes into effect. Within this framework, students (as well as anyone else who takes up a job in the house) are assigned permanent contact persons who help them settle in and are also available to answer any other questions they may have about the job.

Also important, especially in the IT sector, is of course the equipment in the company. In line with industry standards, Cognizant Mobility works with Docker, Kubernetes, Spring Boot and other current technologies. This is a big plus, since things like Cloud IT, Docker or Spring Boot are – surprisingly – not taught in computer science courses, or only to a very limited extent. Working students therefore often deal with these technologies and approaches for the first time during their work and can thus learn elementary basics of the profession. The major updates in the area of Java also present challenges, to which working students are carefully introduced in the team and can thus build up a stable knowledge base for the project work.

What do you like most about being a cloud IT student worker?

Of course, we also wanted to know from Amelie and Nelson if there are things they particularly like. The application process and the HR department of Cognizant Mobility came off particularly well, but also the team and project work or the Scrum methodologies (which are taught little or not at all in the studies despite their elementary importance) as well as the consistent support by experienced colleagues find favor with our working students.

Amelie starts her career as a Java developer also as a working student in the MDR team of Cognizant Mobility

The large proportion of possible home office, the flexible working hours and also the equipment with laptops, headsets and cell phones allows very individual work also for working students – Cognizant Mobility relies on trust and openness, so that every employee gets the opportunity to realize himself as far as possible even from day 1 as a working student.

We are therefore particularly pleased that Amelie and Nelson are very interested in continuing to work for Cognizant Mobility and becoming Mobility Rockstars after the 1-year contracts that are the industry standard for working students expire – and we are happy to be able to offer them that.

How can you apply as a Cloud IT working student with us?

If you are also a student and interested in working in software development, as a programmer, in data science, testing and cloud IT in the automotive industry, feel free to apply and contact us directly, preferably via our form – one click and you can start taking your future in your hands. We are very happy to receive initial applications, and of course you can also get to know us first – of course in strict compliance with the currently applicable Covid 19 measures.

Alternatively, we’ve linked to our LinkedIn profile in the first paragraph of text, which you can also use to contact us at any time, and we’d also be happy to see a simple email to if you’d like to get in touch.

We look forward to seeing you, and Amelie and Nelson are sure to be helpful in making you feel right at home.