xRPA in Industry 4.0 – The most important answers

xRPA is a buzzword and already sounds so promising: Robotic Process Automation in the extended version, no longer only serviceable to the service sector, but now also in Industry 4.0. But there is often a lot of fear: Can I automate my processes at all? What about all the variants? Will it cost me a lot of money, what's the point anyway, and can I keep my enterprise software?

These and other questions are explained by xRPA expert Andreas Brandlmeier from Cognizant Mobility in a short video today, in which we not only ask him what xRPA is and how companies can benefit from it, but also for which companies he would most like to automate!

Enjoy the video!

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xRPA in Industry 4.0 – The Expert Video

For those interested in just a brief explanation of how xRPA integrates with enterprises, you can view and download our slide on it as a white paper. If you want to see the video, just scroll down a little bit.

Whitepaper: xRPA in der Industrie 4.0 – der Step by Step Launch
Der Anfang von xRPA in Unternehmen ist keine Big Bang Implementierung, sondern ein inkrementeller Fortschritt einzelner, verbundener Schritte – “Think big, start small!”

You can find the full video here, but you can also watch it anytime on our YouTube channel, which, like our LinkedIn page or our newsletter , welcomes your participation. And here we go with the video:

If you still have some time and are really interested in the topic now, we also recommend the expert lecture by Andreas, which he gave as part of the SV Events 2021: