The xRPA presentation of the Cognizant Mobility

As part of theSV events, we had the wonderful opportunity in mid-September to shine through our xRPA expert Andreas Brandlmeier with a presentation on the topic of xRPA.

What to expect in this article:


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Ca. 2 min

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xRPA – The Future of Industry 4.0?

While automated testing, and especially the Robotic Process Automation branch, continues to evolve and automate more and more business sectors through practical solutions, xRPA has not yet arrived everywhere in the Industry 4.0 space. Yet there is both a need and solutions for this area in particular, for example in the automotive industry.

Some of them are presented by our expert Andreas Brandlmeier in this exciting talk, of which we were lucky enough to be able to offer a recording for your disposal. You will find the exciting xRPA topic in the following video in detail and as usual presented in a competent and amusing way – we hope you enjoy it!

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