Ultrawideband (UWB) – The Innovation Framework

Ultrawideband, usually abbreviated to "UWB", stands in principle for an approach to short-range radio communication that can be used, for example, to implement high-precision positioning. We have already summarized all details and explanations about what Ultrawideband is in detail, what it can do and how it works technically in our UWB article.

Today we want to show you what applications UWB can be used for and give you some ideas on how to use it - and feel free to contact us for realization.


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Ultrawideband in use: These tools are already available

Apart from its use in the mobile communications sector (primarily in the devices themselves), UWB is also successfully finding its way into the automotive sector and the associated peripherals. For example,CognizantMobility’s “forklift warningsystem” is already being used successfully by well-known customers, where it helps to prevent not only forklift drivers but also pedestrians crossing the site from serious accidents. How simple such solutions are in everyday life, we explain to you in this article. Above all, the forklift warning system is also a practical example of successful customer communication. After all, it was the customer who approached us here, after we had already been able to make our contribution with the Corona distance warning system, so that events could be held with the necessary safety distance in pandemic times.

How Cognizant Mobility completely reinterprets UWB

Cognizant Mobility already developed an active test deck in 2019, on which the models mentioned so far, such as the forklift warning system, the Corona distance warning system or even the helper for cut-to-length measurements, are based. This test deck, developed by the Cognizant Mobility Team in Fulda around Jens Schmidt, enables flexible adaptation to the application scenario and very fast design and implementation. Understanding its customers and everyday mechanisms is just as important the technological side behind Ultrawideband development.

Ultrawideband from Cognizant Mobility supports companies in the form of the forklift warning system, helping to prevent serious industrial accidents – straightforward, for any model, without expensive conversions or upgrades.

These Ultrawideband applications are coming your way

The technology behind the flexible UWB test deck is called “rapid prototyping” and opens up completely new approaches to the use of ultrawideband for companies from a wide range of industries.

In doing so, we listen to our customers, as was recently the case at the successful trade show appearance at inova Ilmenau, where new fields of application for UWB use were discussed in numerous conversations.

One conceivable use case, for example, is the application in accident systems of the fire department: Since UWB offers the great advantage of receiving signals even when the object to be determined is stationary, radio signals could be sent to an emergency vehicle as soon as an object stops moving. This can be useful for training purposes, but can also make elementary contributions to the prevention of safety risks in everyday life, for example with vulnerable persons.

For tradesmen such as scaffolders, roofers, carpenters and joiners, a warning signal when approaching the edge of the roof could save lives, and the equipment can be used immediately for any roof, in any weather, and without additional resources.

Security is not the only good use case for exact positioning via ultrawideband; user comfort can also be mapped. Thus, it would not only be possible to warn people with physical disabilities about stairways or stairs that are not barrier-free. Strategically placed transmitter modules could be integrated into an app that directly displays where the next barrier-free stairway is located in public buildings and warns visitors if they are going the wrong way. In this way, entire building complexes, exhibition centers, sports facilities and entire neighborhoods can become more pleasant environments for wheelchair users or other physically impaired people.

By means of high-precision positioning via UWB, numerous use cases can be found – feel free to send us your ideas to mobility@cognizant-mobility.com.

Modern Ultrawideband – The Conclusion

The beauty of progress is that it progresses. With every day, with every customer meeting, with every use case, new application possibilities and use scenarios develop. Ultrawideband is increasingly replacing previous technologies, and companies that show a willingness to be flexible rather than follow rigid processes, that grow with their customers and the market and adapt to new circumstances, will continue to benefit from the broad market of possibilities. What has always been true for the automotive industry, where Cognizant Mobility finds its roots, is even more true for the UWB industry.

So feel free to come to us with your use case idea and we will develop it. Together, with exact positions and the full range of our experience and flexibility.