Predictive Analytics – The Keynote from the eMove360 Event

"Minus 2 km remaining" - This is the actual title of the keynote by Dr. Daniel Isemann, Team Lead Data Science and A.I. of Cognizant Mobility. What exactly this means in the context of predictive analytics and how this anecdote came about is explained to you by Daniel in a roughly 20-minute, entertaining and very insightful keynote presentation, which was held in November 2021 as part of eMove360 - and also justified a thoroughly high admission price. But now we can finally spare you that and present you the keynote in full length completely free of charge.


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Ca. 2 min

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Predictive analytics in the context of automotive electrical systems

The original sub-headline is even longer: “Intelligent and predictive analytics in the context of vehicle electrical systems and power supply” and deals with various systems where predictive analytics flexes its logical muscles. You can find the video here:

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But now enjoy the video on predictive analytics and its possibilities!

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